Friday, March 28, 2014

Response to "What's going on at Guadalupe?"

I got this response from the person who says he took the photos that I posted in this blog.

Here is what he said: "Hello Martin, I am the owner of those images and I was very surprised to see them on the blog article you posted. I would like to ask you to immediatly remove them from the web as well as the comments that concerns them- which dont correspond to the reality in that specific situation. The person who is facing the shark had to push the shark away as it was a very intrusive personality and he touched it as little as he could and the dive was aborted immediatly. I don't want the images to be used in a provocative way when they don't reflect the reality of what happened. And I especially don't condone or encourage physical contacts with sharks, but in this specific instance, it could not be avoided by the diver- as I said, he got out of the water right away after the occurence. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon, Thank you, Jean-Marie Ghislain"

I removed the pictures from the blog at his request. When posting the pictures, I linked the source, which is a blog, discussing what's going on at Isla Guadalupe, which I believed to be covered under the fair use of a picture. I'm sorry for the mix up.

As to how Jean Marie Ghislain describes the incident, it confirms my statements, that diving outside of the cages is a bad idea. It's not the shark that was intrusive, I mean, it is in his own space. It's the divers that were intruding into the sharks home! Aside from it being a bad idea to go outside the cages, it is also illegal!

Martin Graf
Shark Diver

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Tim Branson said...

Jean Marie Ghislain, the SHARK "had an intrusive personality?"

You are an idiot.

The shark was doing what it does, "living".

You and your merry band of idiots traveled 210 miles offshore, donned dive equipment that allowed you to survive underwater, carting $12,000 worth of cameras in a Bio Sphere Reserve with a protected species to almost get bitten...and you have the GALL to say the shark was out of line.

Here's a novel idea, why don't you get out of the scuba industry and NEVER go in the water again?

I am sure the sharks will thank you, I know the good folks who play by the rules out there and actually CARE about the animals will thank you.