Friday, April 25, 2008

Shark Shield Technology-A Testamonial

A quick word about the Shark Shield. Recently a nasty lawsuit and media storm over the Shark Shields ability to deter sharks and effectiveness has surfaced.

The details are here.

We would like to weigh in on this technology. For the past two years the crew of Shark Diver have used these dive units in a variety of places and situations with several different species of sharks, including big macro predators.

The result is always the same, deterrence. In short these units work, each time and every time. For an operation that introduces divers to sharks in baited situations it's nice to know that you have an additional layer of dive security on site. For the film crews we work with they insist on multi-layer shark security when filming. These units allow us to offer that.

Shark Diver Disclaimer:

These units are never to be used as a first layer of shark diver security. Knowing the animals you will be encountering, the area you are diving, and having rock solid diver safety protocols should be your first and foremost consideration. Always leave the area if you have baited sharks and they are acting in a manner that causes concern. Shark Shields should be pre-tested on the animals you will be encountering prior to commercial use to gauge response.

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