Monday, May 19, 2008

Crossing Over-Sharks and Art

When you spend as much time at Isla Guadalupe as we do you get to meet some interesting sharks...and people.

Case in point this stunning 4 foot replica of "Mystery" sculpted by one of our divers over the course of the last two years.

Capturing the unique "lightning patterns" on her side as she glides through gin clear waters was nothing short of magic.


Olivier said...


is it possible to know where this guy is exposing this beautiful shark sculpture (does he sell others like this one ?) ?

Thanks in advance,

RTSea said...

Just to clarify, the sculptor is Bill Wieger of Louisville, KY. He based the sculpture off video of Mystery from my documentary, "Island of the Great White Shark." That's me standing next to her.

Thanks for the sculpture, Bill. Beautiful work!

Richard Theiss
RTSea Productions

Olivier said...

Hi Richard,

sorry I didn't recognized you, even if i've seen our documentary.

Thanks for the info about the sculptor.