Thursday, May 1, 2008

Deep Water Sharks-NOAA

Back in 2004 researchers with NOAA shot this ungainly looking critter around 3000 feet deep.

They think it is a new shark species and is close to 22 feet long. Yes, that is a green laser being used to gauge the size of the animal and the distance from the submarine.

What's fascinating about this fellow is the tail set up-which is completely unlike anything seen previously-even with deep water shark species.

Unfortunately they have not seen another one like this in the past 4 years of deep water exploring. Unlike the Blunt Nosed Six Gill which seems to be everywhere. Some deep water sharks seem to be as rare as some of their top water cousins.

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Anonymous said...

hey there I'm just wowed about the picture! It amazes me but in a tiny source of matter it looks like a six-gilled shark but only in my opinion. My names Kayla and you can catch me up at if you have any more info or whatever on this cause I'm highly interested thank you!