Sunday, May 4, 2008

Two Shark Attacks-Two Worlds

After the shocking and sad news from Solana Beach last week more news came in of another fatal attack-this time on a American surfer in Mexico.

The reaction on the US side to the unfortunate event in Solana was anything but vengeance for the shark. In fact the media and the California public, for the most part, understood the white sharks place in the oceans.

Not so on the Mexican side of the border. The shark attack at this site has been met with baited hooks and overall hysteria.

Two shark attacks-two worlds.

Mexico's hunt for shark that killed second California surfer draws protest

ACAPULCO -- Authorities used baited hooks to catch sharks today near a Mexican beach where a U.S. surfer was killed in an attack. Adrian Ruiz, 24, of San Francisco bled to death after being bitten on the thigh Monday while surfing off Troncones beach west of Acapulco.

Mexico's Navy and maritime authorities said they have strung about 200 yards of lines with baited hooks near the beach in an attempt to catch sharks that may be using the area as a feeding ground.

Emergency personnel are warning beachgoers about sharks' presence near the largely undeveloped oceanfront, said local civil defense Director Jaime Vazquez.

It is not clear what species was involved in Monday's attack, but Navy Cdr. Arturo Bernal said that helicopter overflights had sighted two great white sharks nearby.

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Anonymous said...

Mexico has a loooong way to go in protecting sharks. They have a rotten track record.