Monday, June 2, 2008

6 Meter White Shark-South Africa

Let's run down the numbers here. For those of you, like us, who calculate our sharks in feet, 6 meters=19.6850 feet.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is one huge white shark.

The following story is naturally out of South Africa where nothing is small-and next to Australia, almost everything is out to bite, maim, or eat you:

A Six-metre great white shark was spotted by divers on Thursday about 3.5km off Durban after they had launched from uShaka Marine World beach. Aquabud Scuba instructor trainer Miguel Nunes said he had been invited to try out a shark diving experience by Patrick Voorma of Calypso Dive and Adventure at uShaka.

"We saw two black-tip sharks, but they disappeared very quickly,"said Nunes.

"Although we spent about an hour in the water the sea was eerily quiet". "There seemed to be no fish, nothing," he said. This was soon explained . . .

They had only been back in their boat for about 30 seconds after completing their dive when they spotted a huge, black shadow. Nunes said at first they thought it might be a whale shark, but the colours were wrong. "Maybe it's a Zambezi on steroids," he joked.

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