Monday, June 2, 2008

UltraMarine Magazine-Taking hobbies to a whole new level

Yeah, we know this has little to do with sharks, file this one under "Ocean".

We got introduced to this magazine last week, it's a glossy take on perhaps one of the world's toughest occupations...building and maintaining saltwater aquaria. This magazine is not your fathers "Tanks Unlimited".

Written with articles taken from an in water diver perspective coupled with amazing images. Here's the write up:

"The UK’s most in-depth marine fish magazine! Ultramarine Magazine released its first issue in December 2006 and is rapidly becoming the most comprehensive journal published in its field. We cover all aspects of the Reef Keeping hobby, from beginner subjects such as fish and coral choices, to more advanced articles - a selection of which can be seen on this website".

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