Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Island of the Great White Shark-Can't Wait for Shark Week 2008?

The most anticipated white shark documentary of the past decade is Island of the Great White Shark.

Shown to early rave reviews at select Aquariums nationwide this film is now available to the public, just in time for Shark Week.

The film is visually stunning with a deep and personal look at both the sharks and the research efforts to study them at the far flung and remote island of Isla Guadalupe, Mexico:

"There are so many films about great white sharks that show the animal being aggressive and attacking its prey. As a shark enthusiast, I am tired of this type of portrayal. I want to see movies that show the great white in its natural behavior. I want to actually learn about the shark. This DVD does exactly that... it teaches me... about the shark, about the science being conducted, and about what it's like to actually be in the water with these magnificent creatures. Kudos to the filmmaker for taking a risk and making a movie about real research".

"This is a very good film on the reality of the Great White. It gives the other side of the story. The one the media forgets to tell".


dave simmons said...

This film is the best white shark film I have ever seen. The sharks featured are amazing and I had no idea there were so many at the island, you guys are lucky!

dale said...

let me second that