Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thailand Fish Cakes Anyone?

There's a big shark, then there's this critter. We're not sure which is more "concerning" for your average swimmer.

Found exclusively in Thailand these giant catfish feed an anything they can get into their gobs. Including, people.

Here's the caption:

Two Thai fishermen show off a 646-pound giant catfish they caught in the Mekong River in the Chiang Khong district of Chiang Rai Province in northern Thailand in mid-May 2008. The fish reportedly scared some tourists.

Editors note: Yeah, no doubt over a few Red Horse beers.


Rachael Webber said...

How do you guys know Red Horse beer? That stuff is yummy!

Shark Diver said...

Like we have never been to Thailand? There is only one beer to drink when you're at the beach. Gotta kick like a mule!