Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shark Diving-Beqa-Leading the Pack

In the world of non caged "monster sized shark encounters" one site, bar none, has been leading the pack-Beqa Fiji. You have heard about this site on a day boat dive in Florida, seen it in magazines, and cannot move an inch on You Tube without seeing another stunning video.

The company who's also been leading the pack in conservation at this site is Beqa Adventure Divers.

Now on to the video, feel free to say "Holy Mother!", after watching this clip, we did:


DaShark said...

Gee, thanks for the hat-tip!

This is just a collection of inquisitive "bloopers", normally things are much more mellow!
In fact, we've stopped using the poles with Scarface after we've discovered that she gets irritated by the metal signature. Ever since, she's on her very best behavior & doesn't even bother to deploy the nictating membrane - quite amazing, really.

All good fun! You must come and dive with us some time!

Shark Diver said...

We have this dive on the "bucket list", along with a few other sites worldwide.

Reminds me of a dive site in Honduras, except your sharks weight about 600lbs more, and they are nicer.

How do they go so fat, is this a breeding area, are they gravid?

DaShark said...

Good on 'ya for asking!

The "experts" out there bemoan that we're "obviously" overfeeding our Sharks.
The truth: the footage was shot in widescreen but my buddy Dominique didn't re-format it before posting it onto YouTube........
As I never tire to say: gotta love the experts!

Having said this, we do see a lot of pregnant Sharks, foremost Scarface who's obviously a very sexy and very naughty girl! The Bulls mate in December just offshore, come back in January and stay with us til November when they take off for the nursing areas, likely the major river mouths.

Shark Diver said...

Lord protect us from "experts". You got some fat sharks there, but you also have a very healthy reef by the looks of the profusion of other fish swimming around.

We took a shark expert to Isla Guadalupe a few years back and he told me this was the first time he had actually seen a great white in person.

Data guy, nice guy but...