Sunday, August 10, 2008

Isla Guadalupe, Mexico-Meet the Locals

For those of you who will be joining us this year at Isla Guadalupe we thought we would introduce you to some of the "locals" that you'll be meeting this season.

This 13 foot fellow is called "Chompers". For reasons that are obvious, he's also one of the luckiest white sharks on site.

Two years ago Chompers had a violent run in with Shreddder and came close to loosing his eye in the fight. Early season divers often see male on male violence and posturing. We're still trying to figure out why this is.

Not all animals at this pristine and unique site are the same and many have "distinct personalities" that become evident once you spend enough time with them. It's a strange way to look at Great Whites, purported to be the "ultimate killing machines". One week with this little gal will change the way you look at them, trust us!

Thanks to Christie Fisher for the shot.

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