Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sea Shepherd Issues Arrest Warrant For The Japanese Whaling Fleet-"Bread and Circuses"

The Romans had a saying for what Sea Shepherd have become the absolute masters of: "Bread and Circuses".

This term aptly applies to the ongoing misdirection and political theatre Sea Shepherd has foisted on to unsuspecting and well meaning donors worldwide.

We were once supporters of Sea Shepherds seemingly tough brand of eco-enforcement. Their self styled "take no prisoners" brand looked for a time like the real deal.

Finally something would be done, changes would be made, and the world's animals saved. If Greenpeace was getting too soft these guys would changes things.

Sadly, this was not to be the case. Sea Shepherd quickly devolved from mighty warrior to theatre of the absurd and continues along these lines to this day.

The main culprit behind Sea Shepherds lack of credibility turns out to be the bloated and ego centric Captain Paul Watson and whoever stage manages his media for him.

Claiming to be shot in the chest during this years whale hunt in the Southern Ocean, and producing a fake video to back this absolute and image costly fabrication up was the last straw for us.

In the end it all comes down to money. With dollars for what Sea Shepherd is attempting to do drying up worldwide they have chosen to "ratchet up the noise" or "wag the dog" in hopes of attracting more money for further ineffectual and costly efforts to stop the continuing pillage of our oceans.

If one takes a good look at Sea Shepherd and can navigate beyond the outright fabrication of story lines, if one can leap over the growing "chasm like" credibility gap they have adopted like self inflicted wound, one would discover an ineffectual eco group that has failed repeatedly to stop any of the ongoing slaughter. They trot out numbers and make bold claims that they have slowed things down, but the slaughter continues.

Take your pick, whales, seals, sharks, fish, all continue to be slaughtered to this day, none of it has been stopped. If Sea Shepherd was a for profit company, and this was their metric for success, no one would would invest in them. Add to that anyone's ability to actually believe what they say and what you have is...nothing. A black hole for financial backers who demand success, not "Bread and Circuses".


Tania said...

If Sea Shepherd is not there to document who will?

I agree they seem to have lost their way and are drifting towards a more uncertain future.

DaShark said...

Good Post!

It's all sizzle, no steak.

Or, as the Romans would say, all circenses - no panem!

Shark Diver said...

While we're trotting out Roman sayings try this one on, it's what's expected from Sea Shepherd but sadly all too elusive for them these days:

"Vēnī, vīdī, vīcī"

Tracy and Jim said...

Bah! Sea Shepherd is only after one thing money, money, money.

Collin said...

Booo, booooooo!

Sea Shepherd should be ashamed. How can we believe what they have to say after this summers apalling fake video report. Shame on the many blogs and eco sites who just ate it up and failed to ask the important questions.

Has it come down to this? Fake news reports to save the whales?

My money goes to the orgs to actually make changes not news!

Qwigable said...

That's not all they did that was fake last year. They boarded one of the ships that chase and harpoon whales -- which doesn't stop any whaling, it only gets media coverage.
Meanwhile, Greenpeace followed the factory ship and kept it on the move because they know that if they can keep it moving, the other ships can't tranpsort dead whales to it before they rot. All whaling was suspended for the 2 weeks in which the factory ship was on the move.
If you are going to go down to Antarctica to stop whaling, you may as well do it properly (and non-violently).

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah. If any of you is considering Greenpeace is better then you should do your homework.

At least Sea Shepherd works (almost) completely with volunteers and no donation is spend for salarys or sub-contractors. Greenpeace collected money in the name of stopping whaling the whole of 2008 and are they in the Antarctic with any ship, any man? That is outrageous!

Anyway, all your criticism can not blind people over the fact that a tiny organisation (check out Sea Shepherds funding; especially compared with GP or WWF) managed to speak up for the defenceless creatures of the oceans and make us aware of continuing slaughtering.

I am not sure what any of you "critiques" and couch potatoes have done to safe marine wildlife but you sound like you are so tough like the extremist militant arm of the ALF.

If your philosophy is to protect the oceans, then why do you denunciate anybody who does actually achieve (and if it is only a little bit) conservation?

How else can you operate a ship if not having donors, plenty of donors???

I wished diving hadn't led to hypotoxia in some of you. You really suffer from dillusions.

just another diver (who disagrees)

Shark Diver said...

In time Young Padawan, you'll come to see these guys for the reckless, financially disagreeable, bunch of yahoos that they are. Mislead by a Fat Man from Canada.

One small point here since we're talking money. S.S has an impounded vessel in Canada right now with a $500,000 fine on it.

The entire vessel costs $750,000.

According to S.S their whole operating budget is only 3 million each year.

Don't know about you but for my money, I want it to go to work saving animals and NOT paying vessel parking tickets...that's S.S for you.

Open your eyes and see the world.