Thursday, September 25, 2008

Isla Guadalupe-Shark Diver Jeff Cannada Review

With two of our vessels completing their final day in the North Bay today it would seem for now the turmoil of the last few weeks has settled down to quick and thorough vessel inspections by the MX Navy and happy divers. Here's another diver review from last weeks adventures with Shark Diver aboard the MV Islander:

Hi Patric,

I just wanted to tell you that my recent shark diving adventure really exceeded my expectations. To be honest, I was a little concerned about safety -- not only of the great white sharks, but also the commute to the Isle of Guadalupe. However, those concerns quickly evaporated upon arriving at the boat and meeting your crew. This boat meets the strictest of US Coast Guard standards and the crew was very thorough in explaining the safety of the boat and procedures necessary to ensure everyone's safety.

Throughout the trip, the crew remained focused and continued to educate us on the "do's and don'ts"...again, focusing on safety first. I was also impressed that the crew doesn't consume any alcoholic beverages during the trip, even though all the guests are free to drink (except while shark diving). Also, the food was very good....really a pleasant surprise.

As far as the shark diving, it was incredible. We saw multiple sharks on every dive and, although you don't guarantee that result, your crew obviously knew the best area for viewing and we benefited from that knowledge. We saw a lot of activity and the size of the sharks were incredible -- 14-15 feet long, in many cases. They were close enough to touch, if you so desired. I will never forget this experience and many thanks to the shark diving team for making this trip so enjoyable. I highly recommend this trip to anyone!

Jeff Cannada

Editors Note: Thanks for the kind words Jeff. A note about drinking, yes it's tough on a young crew who work hard all day and would like nothing more than to kick back with a few cold ones at dinner. It also says a lot about their dedication to the job. You would be amazed at the local bar tabs in Ensenada and San Diego though, I hear tell they are in the "4 figure range".

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