Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frederic Buyle-Well and Recovering

Got a quick email this morning from Frederic Buyle who we heard had had an accident while filming his stunning documentary Ocean Quest. Rumors of Freds demise have been greatly exaggerated-we wish him and his project a speedy recovery:

Hi Guys,

I'm back earlier in Europe than expected, I had an accident in Polynesia, a boat hit me during the shooting. All well now, I'm resting at home and I'll be back in the ocean by end of January.

Check this link as well, the new video with footage from Polynesia is online, we had some good times with a humpback calf and an oceanic white tip a few days later, enjoy!


Editors Note: We see a lot of underwater film projects each year and none are as captivating and visually stunning as this one. If you have not already clicked the link do so now go to full screen and enjoy.

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