Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shark Swarm-Daryl Hannah-Politics of Whales

Hunting in Packs...Killing Without Mercy.

That's the headline of Shark Swarm perhaps one of, if not the worst 3 hour anti shark film, ever to grace the silver screen...actually this film was so bad it went straight to television by passing the silver screen and silver tongued film critics along the way.

Shark Swarm with it's 40+ shredded body count, stars Daryl Hannah. Ms Hannah who claims to be an eco activist is currently on board the Steve Irwin with Sea Shepherd adding some eco credibility to her resume "saving whales".

Strangely, and we're sure this has nothing to do with her current involvement with Sea Shepherd, a film crew from Animal Planet will also be on board Wagging the Conservation Dog for the second year in a row.

Disclaimer: We think whaling should end and are no fans of Japans hunt-unfortunately Sea Shepherd is a bad actor whose overall damage to the global eco movement and flow of much needed funds to legitimate eco orgs has caused lasting and serious harm.

As we have been blogging Sea Shepherd has lost it's way in terms of eco messaging and being effective. In fact if recent events are concluded in Canada one might argue they have even lost their way financially.

The Romans had a saying for both Sea Shepherd's antics and Ms Hanna's latest foray into the eco movement "Ad Captandum Vulgus". We think she could have made a better statement by passing on the Shark Swarm project and highlighting the global slaughter of sharks instead. At least her credibility as an "eco activist" would still be intact.


Qwigable said...

I think it is great Hannah is lending her name to the plight of whales -- even if her past record is so far from perfect.
However, what really annoys me, is that she is now criticising Greenpeace for not going to the Southern Ocean. They are focusing their work in Japan, which I think is sensible and effective.
Since when does a Hollywood actress become an expert on environmental campaigning?

Shark Diver said...

Great point. As we know Sea Shepherds top priority has been the outright destruction of Greenpeace. Watson has fumed about this in public on many occasions and has a long history with them.

It would be nice to see her NOT spout forth Sea Shepherd propaganda.