Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keeping and Eye on the "Moveable Feast"

Something for all you natural predation people out there. Local California white shark hotspot, Ano Nuevo, has installed high definition Elephant Seal Cams on it's island.

As part of a HD failed venture to bring 24/7 wildlife programming to the world the camera system will allow the public and researchers to monitor these ungainly critters from the comfort of your desktop (ours is running right now).

For the shark world, you just may catch a natural predation, if you are lucky.

"I know how much positive correspondence we get from people all around the world who are absolutely captivated by the video. In New York, people said they would leave the video running on their desktop day in and day out because it was so refreshing to hear the sound of the elephant seals chattering," said Alan Friedman, chief information officer for California State Parks.

Click here for HD Seal Cam and good hunting!

Image:Lucky E-seal Isla Guadalupe survives shark attack. RTSea image

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