Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Underwater Channel - Sharky

We have been watching the evolution of the Underwater Channel for a while now. Launched at the same time time as a few other online underwater sites, for a while there we were unsure of this online ventures future.

Oh, how a few months can change things.

For the past year we have been kvetching about the lack of pro shark, pro industry PSA's on the Internet. As it turns out they are on the Underwater Channel this month.

It would look like U.C has found it's stride and now has the content, and the direction, missing from other underwater media sites out there, Kudos.

Double Kudos for the cornucopia of shark conservation content this month.

Editors Note: An idea you guys you might want to take to heart. Make all your video content "link and embed" ready. A conservation video is only as good as the viewing numbers behind it.


Jill Jessop said...

Hi Shark Diver

I work for The Underwater Channel and you just made my day, what a terrific post to read - I'm so glad you like the videos. Check out Leandro's video added today on - it really brings you up short .... hope you like it!
All the best to you and fellow shark divers, Jill

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Keep doing what you guys do, it's looking better and better.