Friday, May 22, 2009

Mark The Shark - CBS 4 Miami

The Shark Free Marinas Initiative Director, Luke Tipple, was recently interviewed by CBS 4 Miami concerning "Mark The Shark".

"Mark the Shark" operates from the Sea Isle Marina in Miami, and one look at their site you can see how they would be a nice fit for the new initiative.

Sea Isle Marina has a history of adopting green initiatives. They were one of the first in the region to adopt the Florida based Clean Marina program and it is hoped they might see the wisdom and positive media in being the very first large marina in the region to adopt the Shark Free Marinas Initiative.

The initiative would stop large, breeding aged animals, like a recent 12 foot, 1000lb shark brought back this week by "Mark The Shark" from entering the marina.

An adoption of this program would be a win for the sharks as these animals typically end up in a local dumpster after film crews and locals have left. A win also for the regional marinas whose dedication to green initiatives would be proudly on display for both the public and the mainstream media.

Editors Note: The reporter Natalia Zea did a great job with this piece - but as happens with news articles some of the "facts" were attributed to the Shark free Marinas Initiative incorrectly.

The Shark Free Marinas Initiative did not stop a recent Ft.Myers shark tournament from going "catch and release". That entire effort must be attributed to the Shark Safe folks in Ft.Myers whose diligent efforts resulted in precedent setting change. Kudos.


Randy said...

Nicely done let's hope those guys adopt the program. Also nice job Shark Safe for the Are U Man Enough switcheroo in Ft.Meyers!

Jupp Kerckerinck said...

I think Shark Free Marinas is a wonderful idea. I hope it will become the rule in Sea Isle Marina and in all other marinas. Mark the Shark and other shark hunters need to understand, that killing sharks for fun and money has to be stopped.

Shark Diver said...

Thanks Jupp coming from a shark conservationist like yourself that's high praise indeed.

One step at a time. We'll keep you updated.