Friday, May 22, 2009

Ft.Myers Beach - Positive Change

The shark conservation movement has often been described as a "thousand ants taking down an elephant".

In the past two years some long lasting and precedent setting victories from to the recent decision by the Maldives to ban all shark fishing has been attributed to this army of shark conservationists.

It all starts with "One". One idea, one blog, one website, one initiative.


Recently this army trained their sights on the "Are You Man Enough?" shark tournament in Ft Myers Beach, Fl. The resulting media, websites, blog posts, and phone calls stirred local politicians to effect rapid and precedent setting change.

The tournament will no longer feature dead trophy sharks which is a win. Instead catch and release will allow sharks to be fished sustainably.

Tracking this shark conservation army back here are some of the posts that made for this change alerting media and others to pick up phones and start making calls.

Kudos to all who made this change. Here's a short list and by no means complete:

Shark Safe Rally - The "One"

Oceanic Dreams

Neil Hammerschlag

Chum Slick

Loves Sharks

Underwater Times

Care2 Networks

Southern Fried Science

Dive Photo Guide

Scuba Board

Charity News

Beqa Adventure Divers

Florida Blog

The list of news outlets who followed this story lent a lot credibility to this effort. The final summation came from Gary and Brenda Adkison who wrapped up this change nicely.

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