Friday, May 22, 2009

Shark Divers - New Wetsuit Fashion

Oh, the horror. It took a Dutch fashion designer to do away with wetsuit design as we know it and create this (click image):

The wetsuit - created by Dutch designer Diddo Velema - makes it look like the wearer has been savaged by a shark thanks to a unique printing process.

Custom inks are used to add the gory textures which appear like a torn wetsuit, ripped skin and wounds going down to the bone.

Diddo, who has a design studio in Amsterdam, said: "Wetsuits are both functional and protective, but why must they all look the same?"

Note: They all look the same to keep you warm, not make a fashion statement.


Charlott - the Goblin girl said...

I like the whale shark one!

Tom D said...

I prefer this wetsuit fashion to board shorts over the top of wetsuits, it's just a not right...

Board shorts over wetsuits