Tuesday, August 11, 2009

L.A Times - Tiger Shark

"Can you keep a secret?"

That was the question Steve Blair asked me several months ago. Steve is a good friend and Assistant Curator at the Long Beach Aquarium.

When not fly fishing some of California's finest blue ribbon streams Steve is putting together the unique shark programs at the aquarium.

The "big secret" was a new Tiger shark that was in seclusion for a summer debut, the only Tiger in the continental USA on display.

As you can tell I kept the secret - hard to do with a blog that enjoys 25k reader a month. This month the little female Tiger was introduced to the public and she's a great little shark.

L.A Times

Tiger shark. A voracious predator known for traveling the world's oceans and consuming everything in its way: smaller sharks, boat cushions, license plates, copper wire, shipwrecked sailors.

But on a recent Tuesday, the new 5-foot-long tiger shark at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach refused to even acknowledge a chunk of restaurant-grade ahi tuna dangled in front of its broad snout.

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Anonymous said...

I heard a story about this on NPR today... sounds like the shark is eating again.