Monday, September 28, 2009

Isla Guadalupe - Vessel Ordered to Leave?

In the ongoing political mess that has become Isla Guadalupe Mexican Navy officials have, for the first time, demanded that a vessel to return to Ensenada in the middle of it's shark operations.

The issue, a ban on all chumming, brought about by a video shot in 2008 is back on the table in full force (thank you Mr.Patrick Walsh).

We'll update you as soon as the details have become clearer, suffice to say this latest development is not a positive one for this newly minted Bio Sphere Reserve or the commercial shark diving industry at large.


George said...

That pretty much sucks.

That footage sure is getting some mileage. Amazingly, C.C. seems to have undergone gender transformation since the video was originally filmed, considering they refer to him as a she throughout the video.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Patrick Walsh is perhaps the most loathsome 5 minute fame grabber I have seen in a while.

Then again getting backslapped and being given pieces if crew signed cage bits didn't set the proper tone with him in the first place.

Bottom line, that video did the maximum amount of damage it could and continues to to this day.

Other bottom line, no one has come forward to own it, apologize for it, or make amends.

That would take "leadership" something missing from that entire sad media experiment.