Monday, September 28, 2009

Save Our Seas Foundation - Positive Shark Media

When it comes to Save Our Seas few NGO's strike as many positive chords for shark conservation media output as they do. We have been blogging about their continuing media efforts for a while now as the "conservation gold standard."

So it is with little surprise that we discover another media hit, this time featuring some of the least voices heard in the shark conservation discussion. Mostly due to the fact that in their world shark conservation speaks with the language of data sets and power point presentations.

Here in their own voices, none less passionate, are the shark researchers who are on the front lines of shark conservation worldwide.

After watching this video you have to wonder out loud how Discovery Networks failed as badly as they did with Shark Week 2009. Making compelling shark media is not rocket science, as we have been saying for a while it starts by "engaging the source," not arriving on scene with a hand made shark script fabricated in Los Angeles.

Kudos to all those who made this wonderful video, we could use many more:

Thanks Mike in Beqa for posting this first!


DaShark said...

Thanks - but in all fairness, I have the advantage of being on Juerg's mailing list! (:

As to Discovery, really, who cares.
In terms of credibility among the serious Shark people, they're finished.
They may well keep pandering to the yahoos for a while longer - but i betcha that finding anybody wanting to risk their professional reputation for the "glory" of being showcased in one of those rubbish productions will be increasingly difficult.

The brand is tarnished, the reputation terrible.
It will be interesting to watch if and how they will go about re-building what was once universally hailed as an example of brilliant and visionary nature programming.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

They can start by firing the miscreants they hired to make Shark Week 2009.

Talk about a cliff walk.