Saturday, November 21, 2009

“Almost 90 % of sharks have been wiped out“

Science fact or fiction?

This morning over at the Conservation Bytes blog the discussion about Greenwashing and Blackwashing and an in depth look at both.

What happens when conservation groups make wild claims about the state of the world s natural resources?

Almost 90 % of sharks have been wiped out. I immediately distanced myself from them. This is a blatant lie and terrible over-exaggeration. Ninety per cent of sharks HAVE NOT been wiped out. Some localised depletions have occurred, and not one single sharks species has been recorded going extinct since records began. While I agree the world has a serious shark problem, saying outrageous things like this will only serve to weaken your cause. My advice to any green group is to get your facts straight and avoid the sensationlist game – you won’t win it, and you probably won’t be successful in doing anything beneficial for the species you purport to save."

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