Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All we can say is...Wow!

We rarely get tired of those rare moments where dead whales and sharks mix.

Port Douglas Queensland Australia. Local Line Burner fishing magazine writer 'Sharky' Shane Down swam with a dozen Tiger sharks and Bull sharks which were feeding on a sperm whale carcass which drifted in from the Pacific Ocean and landed on one of our local outer reef systems on the Great Barrier Reef. 'Sharky' can be seen riding the sharks and gets within inches as they gorge themselves on the carcass. It is totally amazing footage and shows sharks feeding in their natural environment. You will see a compressed 2.5 minute version but there is more footage and even additional footage of Shane interacting with Tiger sharks which has never been seen. Contact us if you believe you can use the footage for Television/Production purposes at info@fishingportdouglas.com.au

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