Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First With Giant Squids? - Not So Fast Brady Barr

Brady Barr, show host extraordinaire, National Geographics resident Herpetologist, winner of the Wild Animal Show Host Hall of Fame Bite Moment (see video, no really see it).

You'll also remember Brady from last year with what looked to be a dead Tiger shark, and an image touted to be Brady swimming with the animal. Except the animal was tied by the tail hanging nose down in the water and Brady's bubbles were heading towards the surface.

These days Brady and National Geographic are claiming to be the first ever team to place a camera on a Giant Humboldt Squid in the Sea of Cortez, unfortunately this whopper of a claim like so many of Brady Barrs animal stunts is 100% false.

Brady Barr and his team are, simply put, liars.

The actual first ever camera on a squid moment goes to Scott Cassell who was also the first to work with these incredible animals several years ago, and who is the go to source for most of the squid productions in the region. He and his team were the first to develop cameras on squids and the first to document deep water squid behaviour in the region.

Just setting the record straight for anyone in production who cares to know. Now on to Brady and another magical moment with wild animals.

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