Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crab with a "C" Baby!

In this crazy world of ours fresh crab comes in two varieties. Crab with a "c" (real crab) and krab with a "k" (the fake stuff). Knowing the difference at sushi bars can mean the difference between a $40 sushi bill and a $100 one.

Thanks to an unusual marketing agreement between Japan and China fresh crab with a "c" now comes out of a vending machine.

Hat Tip Deep-Sea News Blog, you guys rock!

On a side note the crab featured in this video is in fact an invasive species here in the USA known as the Chinese mitten crab, and now we have a vending machine predator to take care of it.

All hail China and Japan for fresh crab with a "c" - coming soon to a Walmart near you:

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