Friday, October 29, 2010

David Diley Against All Odds

A while back when Da Shark discovered David Diley and his remarkable take on a hot button issue for our industry, I was impressed.

David produced a clear and incisive understanding of shark chumming and baiting.

His Op-Ed, from a non industry member, made David a rare commodity.

Rarer still as David has gone on to follow his ultimate dream, "From Office to Ocean," one mans voyage into the world of sharks and conservation.

David is, like so many within our community, following his dream with no funds, having gone deeply into debt to produce the following teaser. Like his Op-Ed it shows a depth of understanding and natural filmmakers talent that cannot be ignored.

This is great stuff, and deserving of funding. We support it and will support David as he continues forward. Raw talent needs help and in the end sharks ultimately benefit.

Thanks to Da Shark for the follow up.

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