Friday, October 29, 2010

Ware Sharks Vintage Fishing Video

Down in South Africa, they go for sharks with rod and line - real hammerheads too - and the Durban fishers use whale meat as bait - C/U of two men winding a fishing line around a chunk of meat. M/S of man in tiny boat being given the chunk of meat and an oar. L/S of him paddling out to sea - looks very precarious.

Low angle shot of group of fishermen on the quayside. Children watch. C/U of man lying down on the quayside having a sleep with his hat over his eyes. He has a fishing rod by his legs. M/S of men and women leaning over a sea wall - some fish. C/U of man reeling in what is probably a big fish. M/S of the fish - shark - which he is reeling in. C/U of a penguin standing on a rock. M/S of crowd admiring the man's catch. It is a hammerhead shark which writhes on the ground. Looks pretty bloody. A dog sniffs around it and tries to bite its tail.

Hat Tip - Team Rebel Fishing Blog.


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