Friday, October 29, 2010

Shark Diver - Once More to Isla Guadalupe 2010!

We say hello to 12 soon-to-be newly minted shark divers at the docks of H and M Landing tonight as they board the MV Horizon with Shark Diver for another white shark adventure to the island.

While some of the shark diving operators have finished for the season we're still going strong and our divers, many who booked last year at this time, cannot wait to get the adventure going.

We'll post more trip reports from shark divers as they come in. 2010 was a record text book season both in terms of sightings (double digit days) and operational safety and success.

Kudos to Martin Graf and his entire back deck team for many hours of hard work, and an amazing season so far, cannot wait until Novembers trips!

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