Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shark Research Internship Wanted

Organisation: 3 Fathoms
Salary: Volunteer
Location: South Africa
Hours: Full Time
Position type: Volunteer
Contract: Temporary
Closing date: Tue 07 December 10
Website: www.canyoufathomit.org
Contact name: Ryan Daly
Contact email: canyoufathomit@gmail.com

Join a team of marine scientists in the field to gain valuable fieldwork experience.

Although a background in marine science is not required, being comfortable in the water and in rough conditions at sea, the ability to look after yourself and a passion for the sea are essential. With 3 Fathoms, you will learn a lot, see a lot and do a lot. A concerted effort and enthusiasm are expected in order to help achieve the goals of the research project underway. As an intern your primary purpose will be to assist in the research program although there is time to pursue side trips to game reserves, local attractions and of course beach and surf time.

Activities include:
• Underwater observation of sharks using SCUBA or free diving
• SCUBA training though divemaster
• Practical field experience using innovative methodology
• Involvement in marine conservation issues and promotion
• Usage of innovative scientific equipment
• Collecting and recording data
• Field sample preservation and organization
• Shopping and cooking

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