Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lionfish Invasive Species Solutions? You Bet!

As the Caribbean reels from an onslaught of invasive Lionfish, we took a great idea from Scotty Grey owner of the M/V Kate and Blue Iguana Charters based in Florida and had some fun with it.

Welcome to LionErects TM.

The basic concept behind any successful invasive species culling effort is to create a marketplace for the species. It's not a new idea, and it's one that's been floating around for a while now.

Watching the reaction to our post on Facebook and within the dive industry was telling. Overwhelmingly folks got it, unfortunately LionErects TM is just an idea.

Which gets us to an earlier post about shark conservations need for funding, and the idea of generating funds not seeking funds.

We can do this.

Tapping into established markets is an easy proposition and one that allows entities to enjoy long running revenue bases to work from.

In a perfect world the profits from one conservation effort fuels another.

LionErects TM is the perfect idea and business model to tackle a fish species that is devastating entire reef systems throughout the Caribbean. The other option is for some NGO to seek funds so they can pay fishermen to harvest lionfish with no real or lasting market incentive to do so.

Which model do you think will ultimately be successful in culling the lionfish invasion?

It's not magic folks. It's just business. Conservation needs to become engaged in the business world soon, or forever be on the back burner. We can only get so far with the programs in play today.

Tomorrow's answer to conservation will look a lot different.