Monday, August 13, 2012

Shark Week 2012 Returning to Their Roots? Yes!

After five very long years in the wilderness searching for Shark Week programming that was innovative, informative, and flat out beautiful from a visual perspective - we have arrived.

Shark Week is back!

A none to soon. It would seem that executive producer Brooke Runnette (we still want that couch) has re-discoverd the awe and inspiration of the original Shark Week and added a healthy dose conservation messaging along with innovative camera work.

The kind of, "in your face" animal encounters that made Shark Week the best week on television and inspired a host of up and coming commercial shark diving operations world wide to seek sharks - everywhere.

We were one of those operations. Inspired back in 2009 to create Shark Diver and we have never looked back.

Kudos to everyone who had a hand in the 25th Anniversary of Shark Week and a big cheer, thus far, for the programming. The Air Jaws Franchise has never looked better.

Oh, and the Volkswagen commercials have been pretty epic as well, but we had 25 years of inspiration to get us there.

About Shark Diver. As a global leader in commercial shark diving, unique film and television commercials with sharks and conservation initiatives Shark Diver has spent the past decade engaged for sharks around the world. Our blog highlights all aspects of both of these dynamic and shifting worlds. You can reach us directly at

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