Saturday, September 15, 2012

Great White Sharks still flying at Isla Guadalupe!

Clear water and lots of sharks
The trip started out with an exceptionally smooth crossing and we were greeted by an awesome sunrise to start our shark diving day.

Within the first 2 hours we already had 7 different sharks, with the big boys Bruce, Bite Face and Jaques all making an appearance.

At 10 am we had our first breach and then the action just got better. By the time we pulled out the cages, we saw between 16 and 20 different sharks!

The action didn't stop there.

While relaxing in the bow area we got to witness another full breach and just to complete the perfect day, while enjoying the Rib eye dinner, another full breach right next to the galley window.

Maybe the sharks like Rib eye as well. This was the second breach during dinner this season.

The second day started with, what else, another breach off the bow and a little later, one by our stern. The action continued all day, with fewer sharks appearing, but staying around the cages all day long.

They really put on a show!
On our last day, it continued the way the second day ended. Sharks passing close to the cages until it was time for us to leave and head back to San Diego.

Another smooth crossing and now we are arriving back in San Diego. What a perfect trip!

Martin Graf
Dive Operations Manager
Horizon Charters
Shark Diver

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