Thursday, October 18, 2012

You should have seen the Shark we saw!

Multiple sharks were a common sight on our first day
Our last shark trip of the season started out like a typical August trip.  Multiple sharks all day, with "Horizon" putting on a fantastic show! Horizon was named after our boat and we haven't seen him for a couple of years. As far as sharks go, he's not the most careful individual,  proven by the fact that parts of his dorsal and caudal fins are missing. This year he showed up with a brand new mutilation on the top of his caudal fin. It looks like he had it bitten by another shark. All those battle wounds didn't stop him from cruising around full speed and entertaining our divers.

Horizon up close and personal
Day 2 started out with Bella, a huge female, cruising around before we even had divers in the water. After the initial few passes, the day progressed more like a typical October day. A couple of sharks making a few passes and then swimming off.

Just when we thought it was getting a little slow, a humongous  female showed up, coming up vertical from the bottom and turning straight at the cages and then, inches from it, she turned and accelerated away, giving the divers the thrill of a lifetime. You should have seen that shark!
I'm looking at you!

The trip home was a lot smoother than anticipated, with all the talk of a hurricane chasing us, we expected the worst, but had a nice ride home.


Martin Graf,
Dive Operations Manager
Horizon Charters

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Anonymous said...

What a great blog - i love reading it.

Well my post not anywhere near as impressive as the shark articles you write - but i have been diving in Phuket Thailand for a number of years and over the 10 years i have seen a decrease in the number of white and black tip sharks in the surrounding islands - but here is some great news that a few days ago whilst diving on the island of Phi Phi we encountered 10 black tip reef sharks on one dive - i can not tell you how happy i was to see such a large group as this shows signs of a slight improvement in the environment in the Phuket waters.
I am afraid we do not get any big sharks - except the odd whale shark in the Similan Islands here for me to report on.
Again keep up the great blog and i hopefully will drop another report one day when we encounter more reef sharks.

Happy diving.

Charlie Bird.
Thailand Divers.

Similan Islands