Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sharky Boo Boo? WARNING Do Not Drink Hot Liquids While Reading!

We saying we're wiser now, o.k?
We might actually be considered Grey Beards in the shark diving/conservation space after 12 years.

That's a long time in any industry. 

We have been watching with some amusement the antics of an entirely new crop of Shark Kids on the block because you would have to have been living under a rock not to notice the plethora of in-your-face shark shenanigans going on across the world.

These exploits with sharks run the gamut from Speedo wearing daredevils attaching themselves to monster white sharks, to half witted warrior class shark saviors traveling the world to post lip stick written signs at the sites of dead sharks decrying the global harvest.

"Save the Sharks!"

"Buy our T-Shirt!"

"Watch our Show!"

For the most part all of these exploits, stunts, and media moments have been carefully staged under the heading of Shark Conservation. To us older folks who have been around a while, this hyper race to "get noticed," smacks more and more of PT Barnum Hucksterism then actual shark saving.

And so it was with great satisfaction we noticed another Grey Beard in Fiji highlighting the same thing in this weeks blog post - Sharky Boo Boo.

Now a note of caution here. If you have just started in the shark world none of this post will make any sense to you, as this is the world you know filled with wacky folks doing wacky things with sharks. Perhaps to get a series on Discovery Networks, who knows.

If you happen to have been around a while, own your own shark diving company, done a few doco's, then this post should be read without a hot beverage nearby as we have discovered the hard way that posts like these and hot beverages do not mix. 

Thanks Da Shark, welcome back from the DEMA Shark Circus.

Remember a decade ago when there were only two shark booths?

My how time marches on.

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