Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sorry Everyone - No Shark Diver Sale

So now to addressing a "rumor" swirling around the Internet and the industry that Shark Diver has been sold. Rumors in the shark diving industry are as commonplace as those annoying little balls that get on cheap fleece sweaters.

To those in the industry who trade in rumors exclusively, we know this news might be of particular interest to you, and thanks for the the continued interest in our little company for the past 12 years.

Seriously guys don't you have better things to do but follow our lead?

In all seriousness the company has not sold. A cartel of high powered investors has not offered us $2 million, and no, we are not going away anytime soon. 

The reason? Probabaly because our divers love us:

 2012 Isla Guadalupe Trip Reports

We offer great shark tours with great staff and at the end of the day Shark Diver is a great brand. It was built on a strong foundation and made better year after year with the help of some seriously smart and talented people. When you work with the best the end product is pretty darn good.

That's tourism 101.

See you all for season 13 and another year of incredible shark encounters. 

Maybe we can come up with a better rumor next year?

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Scott Neblin said...

Rumors and idiots are twin dive industry facts.