Sunday, December 14, 2008

What To Do With The Cricket Two?

With the death of Frank Mundus-shark killer extraordinaire-the fate of his vessel remains undecided as it goes up for auction next year.

We have seen some amusing posts suggesting a great fire, or explosion to render this notorious vessel to the cold hellish depths of Davy Jones...perhaps so old Frank could enjoy himself killing sharks once again. But we digress.

There's one solid answer to the fate of the Cricket Two, and that is to make her a commercial shark diving and research vessel. As a media tool few vessels carry the instant recognition factor of the Cricket Two. As a way of pushing the shark conservation message forward to later generations of commercial grade shark killers-we know of no better vessel or platform.

Imagine for a moment having the Cricket Two "blockade" the ongoing Martha's Vineyard Monster Shark Tournament?

It will take a smart media team, cool messaging, and of course about 300k to pry this vessel away from those who would use her to either hunt for sharks or send her to the bottom. If this vessel ends up in the hands of a savvy pro shark hunter the balance of media attention would go there...and it's a real a possibility as you could imagine.

Editors Note: For a production company this vessel could be, with the right show concept,the next Shark Week vehicle. Anyone interested should give us a call we have a *few* ideas.


Sharky said...

"Imagine for a moment having the Cricket Two "blockade" the ongoing Martha's Vineyard Monster Shark Tournament?"

What did you join Sea Shepherd? ;]...hahahaha.

Seriously though...good idea.

Shark Diver said...

No, not Sea Shepherd-they're "miscreants"...but the idea is solid and the price point for this vessel at 300K is not bad. The back end media value of this vessel is in the millions.

It would be very easy to get media attention at any port of call with this vessel and due to the fact she can be moved overland with ease she allows "boots on the ground messaging" on both coasts not to mention the Bahamas as well.

This will require a partnership with a forward thinking NGO whose slick messaging has already made them a recognized source.