Saturday, June 2, 2012

A poor 3rd world country fighting shark finning? You betcha!

Burning the poachers loot!
Honduras has taken the fight against illegal shark finning to a new level.

According to an article on Science 2.0:

Hondurans Burn Shark Fins To Stick It To Poachers

So when the fins, mostly from nurse sharks, were seized in April by the Honduran navy, it was a safe assumption the fins were obtained illegally. Still, with 14% inflation and 22% of the country below poverty levels surely something could have been done with the hundreds of shark fins, worth that $300 per pound as mentioned. The poachers were already penalized but actual law-abiding poor people could have been helped with the money for a product perfectly legal in plenty of other countries.

Instead, President Porfirio Lobo joined the country's top law enforcement officials yesterday in a bit of political theater, to watch the burning of the illegal shark fins.

I personally applaud president Porfirio Lobo for this action and wouldn't characterize it as "political theater" I think this action sends a clear message to the poachers that Honduras is serious about shark conservation and will not allow anyone to profit from the sale of shark fins. Suggesting that the Honduran Government should have sold the fins to help the poor, is a little like saying our DEA should sell the pot they confiscate to help fund programs for the poor here.

Well my friends, that's my take on it. Feel free to let me know if you have a different take on this.


Martin Graf
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